Here you will find a set of tools to help you develop on the BUGswarm platform. These tools are designed to make the process straightforward and developer-friendly.

In order to abstract some of the tedious work associated with using our Configuration and Participation APIs, we have developed a set of option-parsed terminal commands to make the BUGswarm development workflow even easier. Built in Python, BUGswarm Tools removes any need for curl and nicely formats the JSON returned by some of the methods in the API.

BUGswarm Tools on GitHub

If you have had a chance to take a look at the BUGswarm API you may notice the use of API keys for account authorization when using the various API methods. Because these keys are used so often, we have developed this tool to make the creation and reference of these keys just a bit easier.



This console consists of embedded tools designed to make the use of our API as simple as possible.

Real-Time Messaging

BUGswarm is one of the few cloud messaging platforms that allows for real-time communication between devices. Use this embedded tool to observe these real-time messages.